About Us

HC2012 is owned by BCS Health who have been organising the event for the last 28 years.

BCS Health is a community of interest within BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, comprising member groups and organisations influencing the application of Health Informatics in the UK.

BCS’s mission is to enable the information society. We promote wider social and economic progress through the advancement of information technology science and practise. We bring together industry, academics, practitioners and government to share knowledge, promote new thinking, inform the design of new curricula, shape public policy and inform the public.

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The Guardian is the headline media partner of HC2012.

More professionals in the public sector read the Guardian than any other daily quality newspaper: 272,000 read the daily paper and 690,000 read SocietyGuardian. It is unique in its comprehensive overview of public services and social affairs.

The supplement’s online sibling societyguardian.co.uk (270,000 unique users and 660,000 page impressions) is part of the award-winning guardian.co.uk network. It is a daily source of essential news and information on social care, children’s services, local government, health, housing, regeneration, environment and the voluntary sector.

Guardian Professional’s Public magazine (guardian.co.uk/public) reaches a targeted audience of the 12,000 most senior public services professionals who are responsible for over £55bn of public spending. Its coverage focuses on the key areas that affect all senior decision-makers: management, policy, finance, technology.

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