Streams and Themes

Key themes for this year’s conference include:

  • Clinical leadership: presentations from national leads, and examples of best practice on the ground demonstrating how clinicians can seize the initiative and deliver change for the good in the organisations.
  • Productivity and Efficiency: how information and information technology can deliver real benefits, both cash releasing and non-cash releasing for health and social care organisations. Real life examples and demonstrations of good practice.
  • Quality Standards: Our partner NICE is supporting this stream in collaboration with the Information Centre. The RCP, Monitor and the CQC will also contribute to this stream. The stream will set out the quality standards agenda commissioned by the government, show how standards align to operational practice and tease out the informatics challenges for meaningful measurement.
  • The Changing World of Health Policy: covering emerging policy in healthcare systems and processes, including standards development (separate from implementation) and majoring on Clinical Commissioning Groups and how they will work in the future.
  • Care Across Settings: integration of information and technical systems to support the vertical integration agenda, covering work-flow, day to day practice and the delivery of care and treatment to patients and the public across health and social care sectors and agencies.
  • Patients and the Public: examples of how health services, and other agencies, have supported patients and the public in understanding health related issues; ultimately improving outcomes and experience as well as patient safety.
  • Moving from Strategy to Delivery: strategy is easy! Making it happen is not so easy. This stream will focus on how to make strategy real, and deployed on the ground. One area of focus will be on QIPP and realising increases in efficiency and productivity. Other areas will focus on clinician-led innovation including decision-support and a development based on open health informatics principles.
  • International Dimensions: updates on development and implemented solutions in Australia, China and India, as well as how hospitals in Norway are transforming services through the use of technology, information quality circles.
  • Skills Workshops: throughout the event there will be hands-on opportunities to learn how professionals from across industry and the health and social care sectors have raised their game and improved services and delivery on a consistent basis.
  • Best Practice Theatre: practical and real examples of how systems and technology have supported services in performing routine operational practice.