What makes HC different

We aim to bring new thinking and added value for all concerned. The key factors that distinguish and differentiate the HC event from others are:

  • National Policy – Status, Development and Influence: the event consistently attracts top level leaders at government level, who use the opportunity to outline the direction of policy development, and discuss how policy and strategy can be implemented on the ground, and to make significant announcements. Every year the event has secured the attendance of high-level speakers from the Secretary of State for Health (in 2011), ministers of state, senior officials and policy advisors. 2012 will be no exception
  • Leadership: senior leaders from the Department of Health, the NHS and other national bodies use key-note addresses to outline developments in their areas of responsibility, including the implications for the front line and how to deliver change on the ground.
  • Professionalism: The importance and status of information and information technology across the health and social care sectors is increasing exponentially. The Chartered body will be working with other professional organisations to maintain this development and ensure that strong support exists to enable and empower professionals at all levels, and in all sectors (as outlined elsewhere on our event material.)
  • Clinical Engagement: this year we will have strong representation from clinicians in a range of leadership roles. Alongside many clinical leaders from across the NHS, including several national clinical leads, we will also have clinicians from across the world demonstrating how they have shown leadership in engaging and integrating information and information technology into day to day practice.